murray campbell

github *** resume

personal projects

chessumo - a chess game

flock - a flock simulation meets a wallpaper generator

1 2 3 4 5 - an autobiographical game about moving

garden - zen garden, for you

team projects

that blooming feeling - a game about being a drop of water

tots' life - vacuum-aliens

tots' sumo - tots' life spinoff

gallery - a digital art-showcase in a calm space

foolville - an augmented reality game wherein one overlooks a village whilst guiding the power of the sun

professional contributions

Animation Throwdown

TMNT: Mutant Madness

game jams

gastropodz - snail sumo, made for a small game jam in japan with students from Trident Computer School (トライデント コンピュータ専門学校)

mama - you are mama, made for Mom Jam 2017

snakes on a train - snake game, made during train jam

other junk

twitch - occasionally i will stream random stuff (reading, writing, gamedev, games, music, etc.)